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Hi forum gang

I've just completed the first in a series of sample packs so thought I'd let you guys know here on dnbforum because I think a lot of the sounds I've made would work really well with Drum & Bass and Nuero type stuff.

I know a lot of you won't have a clue who I am so here's a couple of links if you're interested

'Sleeper - Dubstep Beats & Bass Volume 1' is now available exclusively on my Bandcamp page >>>

Pack Contents:

40 x Kick Drums
40 x Snare Drums
47 x Hi Hats
100 x Percussion Hits
62 x Drum / Percussion Loops
50 x FX Hits
32 x Atmospheres & Textures

And a massive 210 x Dark & Twisted Bass Sounds!

Demo tracks I've made using only the samples in the pack can be heard on the page

or on my soundcloud

Thanks for reading, hope someone here gets something out of the sounds!

Mr Fletch

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Well then let me take this surprise opportunity to say hats off to ya! you got some mad skills, and without wanting to sound like a big fairy (although I know I will!) ........ I'm a big fan!

Been into the underground 140 scene for a while now, anyone who knows me here will tell ya how I'm always posting my dubstep work in the new talent section even tho its a drum and bass forum lol!


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Big ups Sleeper! Not sure if you remember but we had you down for our night Subsoil in Bournmouth a few years ago! Will deffo grab this pack!

nice one!


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I bought this yesterday, and had a quick listen to the sounds.

Single hits are really nice. Good selection of hits, and plenty of layered single-shot drums.

The drum loops are decent, and come with the hats & percussion as separate loops, which is useful.

The FX & Atmospheres are great, but there could have been a bit more variation in the fx processing. The reverb used is sweet, but I personally would have liked to have seen more subtle reverb in places, and perhaps the use of some other fx processing, instead of most of those sounds having an obvious bed of reverb. The FX & Atmospheres are still good in their own right, just collectively it would have been nice to see just a tad more fx processing variation.

The dark & twisted basslines are perfect for DnB, and other gnarly bass genres. Plenty of sample food here!
Lots of variation in tone and movement, I can see this folder getting a lot of use. Neuro heads will have a field day!

£15 quid is a fair price for what you get, so it gets the thumbs up from here.