Drumstep Sample ID?


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Clue is is the title.

Tempo O'Neil :

"Tempo O'Neil established as a singer, has been involved in the music scene from the early day of acid House and the beginning of (Ragga house) which became known as “Jungle”. Tempo had been involved with record label such as Big City Records, Just for you London, Body Snatch Brain records, twisted mentasm, Everyday junglist and (S.O.U.R.) producers of artist such as Shy Fx, Uk apache & Elizebeth Troy, to working with producers TuffJam (You’re my Inspiration EVA & Keep Holdin), London connection and Bagley studios label Crosstracks. Destination London town & Dubplate Culture (Zomba).
Tempo believe in the different elements of music and to him the elements started on Reggae sound systems age 14. His 1st and earliest experience started with smaller sounds and built up to Unity Sound with Demon rocker and Flinty Badman (Shut up & dance) to singing for Saxon sound system (As sugar Brown) and touring the countries and city in Uk & Jamaica, where he would hear artist and perform amongst top acts such as Maxi Priest, Smiley Culture, Tipper ire & Daddy Freddy.

Tempos songs in reggae always had a soulful edge and expanded a lot more in soul music and swing with other producers and musicians. That earlier experience was brought back from going to different studios around London he soon linked up with Carl MacIntosh of (Loose ends) which was an inspiration to work with.
Working in different studio's works and inspiration from watching people put music together reinforced the logic for tempo to go forward and produce his own music.




Everyday Junglist isn't drumstep.More like very late jungle/early dnb..to be pedantic I would class it as Hardstep. :2thumbs: