Same vocal stab on numerous dnb/breakbeat/etc songs


The other
Ever since I listened to "supermoves" by overseer back in 2003, something caught me up: that little off beat vocal stab right before a new bar of the assembly line break started.

And throughout the years I discovered numerous tunes who had the same vocal stab as supermoves (some of them prior to it), like:
acen - 116.7, dieselboy + kaos - barrier break, deadmau5 - oshawa connection...

I spent much time looking up for it but it was useless. Never found anything even remotely related to that. :sadbana:

But randomly I was browsing through some songs whose breaks have been used massively used on the dnb scene (since I'm trying to make a nice collection myself :razz:) and found out that it was chopped off from "Do the funky penguin" by Rufus Thomas. It was a mere coincidence.. because I had already listened to that break but never got to listen the full song.

ANYWAY, the main reason I wanted to post this was to find out if that vocal stab did intrigue someone like it intrigued me.

So if you don't mind to post some feedback about this it will be largely appreciated. :razz:

PS: I attempted to post links but since this is my first post it denied me :/ Anyway most of you must atleast know 116.7

Cheers mates!