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I got reason i got a laptop a keyboard i wanna produce DnB. Ive made 1 tune so far but in my opinion its weak outdated and has no drive.

but you can judge for your self if you want link is above^

I have a few question though:

1) I don't no whether it is me but i feel the patches and samples that come with reason are pretty weak, i cant seem to find many good sounds, or typical DNB ones or am i just not making it work.

2)Any reccomended sample CDs

3)Wht makes a tune dance floor compatable and gives it a drive and make it sound complete and not empty.

4)any general tips for geting started i only been doing it about 3 weeks 1 of my problem is only seem to be able to make intros to tracks and find it hard to have anything further. And should a good track come naturally or something that takes lots of time working over?

lol bit of an essay but yeh...