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Hi everyone,

My name is Mitchel(the Netherlands), a drum and bass fanatic that was always way to busy with school to really put some hardcore afford in producing.
But that all changed about three months ago when I finished my exams and now I can fully focus on producing, I have explored all kinds of musical genres including hardcore (gabber), breakcore, hardstyle, dubstep, electronica, reggae, techno, psytrance, deephouse even some classical. As you can see I have been quite busy really exploring my musical taste and without doubt I can state my love still tilts heavily towards DnB.

I started producing DnB tracks two years ago but did not have enough time at hand as I explained earlier so the tracks were of mediocre quality, I have been working non stop for the last three months now enhancing my skills and the results are promising, I have not released any of it yet because I want to be sure that I have given all I have at the time in my first track and its going to be mastered by a professional record label here in the Netherlands.

So I hope I can soon show you guys my new track, and I'll be around this forum a lot to see whats going around in the DnB world !

Cheers, Mitchel.
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