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    What is salsa dance all about and how can a person learn this dance form. Salsa Dance Lesson NYC is the solution to every learner who wants to master the salsa. Salsa dance is a dance form that was created in Cuba, where the African and European culture meet together. This style later extended to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. This dance is performed on the salsa music, which consists of Afro-Cuban beats with supplementary music from the Rumba and Son Guaguanco.

    Salsa is known to be a partner dance, but, other forms are also popular such as solo dancing, line dancing and Rueda de Casino. The style Rueda de Casino is a dance where dancers form a group and swap partners one by one. This dance has become really popular in Latin America, United States, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe.

    In America, there are two styles of the salsa dance that are famous – salsa on 1 and salsa on 2. Salsa on 1 is the Los Angeles salsa whereas the on 2 dance is the New York style salsa. Salsa on 2 dance means salsa that breaks on the second beat. This salsa style is also known as Mambo. This dance style has a great influence of the jazz and mambo instruments.

    In New York City, the salsa on 2 is taught at most dance schools and academies. This dance is not an easy dance but learning becomes all the more fun. Every new move brings joy and happiness to the student.
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    My Mum runs Salsa up in this bloodclaat Watson!

    Are you trying to steal her custom?

    This is Patricias turf.

    everybodysalsa for life Mo' Fo'
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    oh dear, salsa turf wars, gonna get nasty.

    i call a salsa off, wether it be the delicious sauce or delicious footwork, this is gonna be one to watch.
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    in the immortal words of mc ren circa 1992
    now gather round yall
    and check it out yall
    and all the bitches come and suck up on my balls yall

    one of the most phenomenal lines in all of music so far