Salmon Crostinis (multi-genre song)

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I originally finished this song 14 months ago, but it had been needing a bassline to be re-recorded and the whole thing sort of needed a re-mixdown and remaster. I did that and also re-did some sounds/synths here and there in the track. I could really use some feedback on it. The beat heads in the DNB direction later in the track.

This song tells a story of a cooking session in chronological order - brainstorming for cooking ideas, beginning to prepare salmon crostinis, throwing them in the oven to cook and cooking them, then eating the crostinis. You will hear where you are in the process if you just listen and think about it. All of the percussion in the track were sampled from that exact cooking session too.

This song will be released on my upcoming debut album, Cooking The Kitchen. The album is themed on kitchen-recorded samples.