Multi Genre Saimon - kosmo:nomic 3 @ Break FM - 2012/05/13

Saimon - kosmo:nomic #3 - Radiocast - Break.FM

Fortnightly on Sunday on Break.FM radio at 8:00 PM you will have the pleasure to dive into the ocean of deep sounds, selected carefully by Saimon and served in a dual mode. Therfore, we’d like to invite you to two shows featured alternately on Break.FM radio: ‘atmoteka’, devoted mainly to atmospheric d’n’b and any of its ‘derivatives’, and ‘kosmo:nomic’ which focuses on more contemporary sounds, dominated by deep, minimalistic d’n’b and any kind of electronic music that can be associated with the so-called ‘autonomic’ style, growing strong for some time in recent years.
‘atmoteka’ and ‘kosmo:nomic’ are all about exploring deep and subtle musical territories, though you can also expect a certain dose of impressive cosmic energy, that’s why we’d like to invite both those who are well familiar with this type of electronic music, as well as those who have just taken their first steps into this world.

01. Sam KDC - Everything You Touch [AUXILIARY TRANSMISSIONS]
02. Unquote & Molecular Structures – Emo [BASSWERK]
03. Indigo - Time [EXIT]
04. Senking - Painbug In My Eye [RASTER-NOTON]
05. Altrice - Veedei [ORIGAMI SOUND]
06. ASC - The Depths [NONPLUS +]
07. Distance - Skys Alight [AUTONOMIC]
08. Sines - Test Four [ECHODUB]
09. Bvdub - Beauty [DARLA]
10. Faithless - Crazy English Summer [CHEEKY]
11. BMT - 2046 [EXCEPTIONAL]
12. Photek - 124 [SCIENCE]
13. Method One - Symbol #5.4 [AUXILIARY]

Released by : Break.FM
Release date : May 13 2012