Safe. My names Scott, I'm 15 and from Cheltenham, UK. I spend most of my time doing something to do with music. I listen to alot of dnb, breakcore, metal (also in a metal band), hardcore punk, IDM, Dubstep and other random shizzum. I categorize the music I like as aggressive and if its heavy, electronic or not, I most likely will like it but there are still exceptions

I am also a budding producer and have been for the last year or so mainly producing most styles of dnb, breakcore and a the odd bigbeat/funky house tune.

I also got a pair of decks for christmas and my vinyl collection is slowly growing along with my turntablism skill.

So yeah, i'm mainly on here for help for taking my music and mixes to the next level (because at the moment, i feel stuck) but also i love Drum & Bass:D

thanks for reading.

if you wanna hear some of my very old generic jump up tunes then go here
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