WTF did I say? :D Me so silly.

Yeah Sunship is right, promo's are sold out but full release will be middle of May.
nah thats not it,i just heard it on gerard's show from wednesday and it's the track after bcee- heartache which says s.p.y- sunshine that track above is nout like it cheers anyway.

oh and there are copys of the above tune on redeye just incase you didn't know.
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It is called sunshine. Sunship is a different tune. Don't know any release info though :(

Edit: though I'm pretty sure it's signed to Spearhead.
lol at least some1 backed me up ,for a while i looked stupid.but yeah it is spearhead,it says so on kiss tracklist,just really want it.
Sunshine by S.P.Y is coming out on the Moodswings 2 LP on Spearhead if anyone wanted to know anyway haha.
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