S.P.Y - Love & Hate EP (NHS210EP)

Clouds is just naughty. Don't have decks, but I think I'll have to get this on vinyl just because. Sick, sick, sick release.
I'm hoping Hospital is gonna start coming back from the mainstream stuff... on the podcast 170 Tony started bashing brostep and kept mentioning 'real drum and bass'.

edit: just read the press release..

* Hard to believe this is S.P.Y’s debut full artist release on Hospital, from his first ever release (on medschool in 2005) this release is set to win the hearts and minds of longtime d&b fans, and new comers alike with it’s return to core values and pure sound. .......... Sleepy Hollow sees Carlos strip back his production to an even purer Detroit sound. It’s an epic synth work out clocking in at over seven and a half minutes. Made in a more traditional, way this is a true opus, and by the standards of todays attention deficit d+b quite a marathon.
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Shouldnt this be on medschool or something? Its not been 'hospitalised'!

Big tunes, im really liking the last on the EP; All yours (spy remix). Thats some nice liquid grooves there.
Definitely the best release on Hospital in like last 18 months or so. Feeling every single tune. Hospital should man up and diversify their catalogue once again by releasing similar (less screechy) stuff every 2 or 3 months at the very least.
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