Rythmatix - NZ Music Month competition mix (all vinyl)


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Jul 25, 2011
Wellington, NZ
Long time member, first time mix poster (mainly because I never get my A into G and get mixes recorded).

I entered a competition by CUE celebrating NZ Music Month; mainly to get back on the decks and dig through the old records. The rules were - all tunes my include a NZ artist, and the mix must be between 15-30mins total.

I set myself the challenge to do a 3-deck all vinyl mix with as many NZ artists I could cram in...ended up with 20 NZ artists in there (including Tokyo Prose, The Upbeats, State of Mind, Dose, Concord Dawn, TREi, Cern, Thomas Oliver, Tali, Bulletproof, Teknik, Victim, Agent Alvin, Shapeshifter, Need For Mirrors, Hooves, Borderline, etc) in 25mins, so not too bad of an effort.

It's not my best work by any stretch (classic last-minute throw-together), but I thought it was a good way to get back on the decks and be part of a cool wee comp.

I have just managed to get a Wildcard entry into the 2nd round, so thought you guys might enjoy it here. The finalists are decided by 50% Soundcloud 'likes', and 50% judges scores, so you never know - if you have time have a listen and if it didn't totally ruin your day then give it a like.

Thanks team!

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