Drum & Bass RVerbal - Memories EP [BCRD006]


I listened to the "Memories" one...

Nice vibe to start with. I wasn't sure about the pre-drum intro going on so long. Drums are nice and strong, but a bit floppy. Gating/enveloping them might help. I like the contrasting middle frequency voice that comes in at about 1:13; maybe you could bring it in earlier? Nice build up into the drop. I would like a bit more melodic variation, or FX, or something to keep that middle frequency voice interesting. Either that or FX or a chord progression or something. Enjoying the second breakdown. The second drop was abrupt. Again the middle frequency voice comes in; at this point you could reverse the melody to keep it interesting, or something. It's a great song, but I feel like you haven't explored the ideas you put in front of the listener. Also, the vocals at the end are a bit tacked on; EQ-them (and the track) so they come through better, and then also include them in the intro and breakdowns.

It's a solid concept for a song. I do feel it could flesh out a bit more.