Ruso - Live PA Set - Every Day Objecs [All DnB Demo Set]


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This set is the official demo for my current project. I plan to continue developing this project throughout the summer festival scene.

This was recorded on my updated music rig. I currently run Ableton as a fully midi mapped (not keyboard/mouse) dynamic dual-deck configuration. What that means, is unlike a "regular" Ableton live set, my tracks can be loaded AND UNLOADED from multiple decks, two of which I have full control of (down to the synth knobs).

In other words, I finally achieved my goal of a stable method for playing not only a long live set, but the ability to play it how I want to (and as improvised as I want to). My next coarse of action is to open up my current tracks and expose the best parameters for live tweaking. Also I am working on incorporating my keys for live use to be able to take away from the recorded notes and add live note manipulation.

Also, each individual track which gets loaded onto the deck, is a fully mastered container which removes the biggest limitation from a traditional Ableton live set: the mastering chain.

Why do you care? Because when I worked before I spent most of my time doing these things manually, and now most of the things I needed to do manually are fully automated. That means I opened all room for live improv which this set contains a rather nice and balanced amount of.

Enjoy! This one is very special and took an enormous amount of work.