Rusko - The Mega Rave Rusko Special 2009


Jan 29, 2008
01. Caspa and Rusko 'Custard Chucker' [Tempa]
02. Claude Von Stroke 'Groundhog Day (Rusko Remix)' [Dirty Bird]
03. Rusko 'SNES Dub' [Dub Police]
04. HK119 'C'est La Vie (Rusko Masher)' [One Little Indian]
05. Kid Sister 'Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)' [Scion]
06. Rusko 'Lion Paw' [Sub Soldiers]
07. Adele 'Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix)' [XL]
08. Rusko 'Love Is Real' [Sub Soldiers]
09. Caspa 'Cockney Flute (Rusko Remix)' [Dub Police]
10. Skream 'Dutch Flowerz (Rusko Remix)'
11. Rusko 'BetaMax' [Veri Lo Records]
12. D-Kay 'Fire (Rusko Remix)' [Not On Label (MILF Series)]
13. Rusko 'Action Dread' [Dub Police]
14. Rusko 'Gone 2 Far' [Sub Soldiers]
15. Lennie De Ice 'We Are IE (Caspa and Rusko Mix)' [Y4K]
16. Rusko '2 N A Q' [Sub Soldiers]
17. TC 'Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix)' [D Style]
18. Rusko 'Mr Chips' [Sub Soldiers]
19. Rusko ''Cockney Thug (Scratch Perverts Remix)' [Sub Soldiers]
20. Audio Bullies 'Flickery Vision (Rusko's Stay Awake Remix)' [Vizo Records]
21. Rusko 'Get Ya Cock Out' [Dub Files]
22. Rusko 'Roma' [2nd Drop Records]
23. Rusko 'William H Tonkers' [2nd Drop Records]
24. Rusko 'Hammertime' [Sub Soldiers]
25. Rusko 'Hornz Cru' [Dub Police]
26. Rusko 'Original Cut' [Dub Police]
27. Leon Jean-Marie 'Bring In On (Rusko's Granny Smasher Remix)' [Not On Label]
28. Mike Lennon 'When Science Fails (Rusko Remix)' [Z Audio]
29. Rusko 'Cockney Thug' [Sub Soldiers]
it is all about the dubstep - ive starting listening to dubstep fm thru itunes :) the djs r annoying, but its great having dubstep on tap
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