Rusko - a real dub thief


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Dec 5, 2008
hi there dubstep massive.
wanna tell you a story about rusko and dub thievery. but first a few words bout myself. I ve been producing since 2005, got some raggajungle releases on walkingstick
and dub bullet In 2007 started makin dubstep, got my tunes played hardly by mate djs. but sending dubs to uk turned out not that good for me. as my style was rather 'dub police oriented' at that time, i sent my dub called 'Power skank' to rusko. there was no answer, but few months later there appeared a video of rusk playin my tune. there were some vocs like "rusko banton" over it. it seemed to be kinda tease. then there were some radioshows: (second tune) .
so in the tracklist my tune is written as "Rusko - Network". then i've heard Afterdark's show with "Rusko - skank out" tune, which also turned out to be my own Power Skank with rusko vocs over it.
so it seems to be clear now.
rusko is using my track with the 'rusko banton' vocs over it as his own, and even giving away dubs to other guys.
i do not want to advertise myself this way, let my music do this for me. i just want you mates to know, that the dubs you are listening to and playing can be not exactly what you think they are. and your favourite artist can be a thief stealing dubs.
to prove my words, here are some audio clips from the tune, full 320 of it and an FLP zip of the project. feel free to play it out if you like and remember, this track is 'Smokah - Power Skank'. - tune - few patterns - project

please guys, copy this post to your blogs and wherever you might like. Spread the word! its the only way to the truth!


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Nov 29, 2001
This is on Dubstep Forum:

Plastician makes a good point though:
just a note:

not sure where it's been tracklisted, but if it's radio one i can tell you for one that it could have been a mistake on the part of somebody working at the station - not necessarily rusko trying to claim a track as his own. tracks got called all sorts of random shit and producers were wrong shedloads of times on my tracklists. they write them down shorthand whilst the mix is being recorded and then fill in the blanks when its done - sometimes when the dj aint there at all.

i doubt rusko is claiming other people's tracks as his own - if he wanted to do that he could just remake the tune himself.

he probably just dropped some samples in over a mix he did, just like i do on 99% of my mixes.
Hope everything get sorted though mate :)

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Apr 2, 2008
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thats propa snide lad, hope it all works out, passin someone elses work off as your own is bad news, post this fuckin everywere lad, i am sure it will get sorted mate, oh n cheers for the tune,

Joey AdhD-Power Skank. (got a certain ring to it) :teeth:

Only messin blad, keep on it and get it sorted, post this all over the shop...

Good luck

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Oct 3, 2007

rusko has said:

simple explanation.
i played it on kiss whn it was saved on my lappy as 'newyork intro' and the guy who produces the show just copies whats on my screen for the tracklist. simple. smiple


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Sep 22, 2007
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