Jul 18, 2006


The Release

Ruse Records presents 'Self-Replicating' EP.
This release show cases the Ruse Records concept of 'Light and Dark' releases while infusing Neurofunk and progressive elements.
The concept for this EP, depicts the ideas of a virus attacking the cells, where the light side tracks 'Out of Time' and 'Hook It' cells slowly replicate into the darker tunes 'Stay Close' & 'Eclipse'.
We’re extremely happy to work together to create this EP with these very talented musical scientist hailing from different edges of the world, including ‘Smooth’ PhD from Slovenia to Dr 'Aqua-Tek' residing in the United States Of America, Dr 'Kyrad' from Switzerland and ‘magic hands’ surgeons 'Subterra' & 'Dekko' from England, please check the artists myspace address below to hear their other exciting material.

'Self-Replicating' EP - Click tracks for audio.

A. Smooth - "Out Of Time"
B. Aqua-Tek - "Stay Close"
C. Kyrad - "Hook It"
D. Subterra & Dekko - "Eclipse"

Receiving support world wide from some of the scenes biggest names including Calyx, Break, Concord Dawn, Teebee, Axiom, Jade, Cern, Upbeats, C4C, State Of Mind, Muffler, Matt-U. and many more?

The Information

This release is available EXCLUSIVELY at a discounted price from our very own 100% secure Ruse Records iThink music store (and now takes PAYPAL), once you have filled out a brief registration form you can download the music immediately, once registered you also have the opportunity to purchase music from other large labels such as Sonorous Music, 31 Records, Commercial Suicide, Horizons music, Exit Records, Soul:r Algorythm, Bassbin, Beta Recordings, and many more.

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Ruse Records iThinkmusic store : Http://ruserecords.ithinkmusic.com

This release is also available at full price on Beatport, Trackitdown and Junodownload .

Beatport – https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/143272/self-replicating_ep
Junodownload- http://www.junodownload.com/products/1367398-02.htm
Trackitdown.net- www.trackitdown.net

Released on Ruse Records (RRBCR004):
Web site : http://www.ruserecords.co.uk
Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/ruserecords

Artwork by:
Irritant : http://www.irritant.digart.pl

The Concept

Light | Smooth – Out Of Time

The virus lands in form of ‘Out Of Time’ by Slovenia's freshest new artist ‘Smooth’.
The contamination begins with an infectious melody; light drums clear the path as faded cries blend into an evocative vocoded vocal, as a low pass filter runs over the rolling bass lines, the cries blend into an unforgettable melody; forged in the sounds of hypnotic violins.
The virus hits the blood stream, dilating the pupils and sending the tune in to top gear.
The arousing rolling sub bass is released in full glory, moved along by uplifting; light hearted drums. The violin melody bounces off the cries as we progress deeper into the tune, a 16th bar shuffle discharges the vocal creating an amazing sequence of events.
An absolutely amazing and memorable piece of music.


Dark | Aqua-Tek – Stay Close

The virus has taken over, the cells have split replicating rapidly as ‘Out Of Time’ tries to hold on to it’s being, it quickly transforms into the darker side in shape of ‘Aqua-Tek’s’ pounding ‘Stay Close’.
The vocoded vocals are transformed, and the former soft sub bass leaks into a swirling reese’s atmosphere. The drums now darker and harder introduce themselves as they take over the body, the inside virus is almost at full strength as the stabs of distorted bass fight their way out, like the calm before the storm, the last breath of air is exhausted in solace… the virus has taken over and drops ‘Stay Close’ into a new structure. Swirling thick reeses wrap around every cell in the neuron while heavy steppy drums lead the way forward, the chunky deep sub bass resounds through the tune as distorted bass layers smother and layer the tune keeping it exciting and interesting.
A dancefloor and Cerebral experience like no other, not to be missed.


Light | Kyrad – Hook It.

Happily unaffected by the Ruse virus, ‘Hook It’ created by Switzerland’s newest producer Kyrad kicks off with uplifting sweeps and perfectly created harmony, feed along by a number of layered hats. The drums drop inducing a cheer as it approaches the drop the harmonies build as ‘Hook It’ drops for the first time. A surprisingly heavy section of steppy drums kick in, yet uniquely hold a light uplifting liquid flavor to the tune, beautifully placed samples fill the verse and smooth sub bass adds the drive. As the tune progresses the first sign of infection shows as complementing neuro reese’s are minimally applied to perfect effect while additional strings come into play giving ‘Hook It’ it’s wonderful hook.
A great tune for the liquid heads but easily fitted into any set build up.


Dark | Subterra & Dekko – Eclipse

It’s become apparent the subject is infected, ‘Subterra & Dekko’s’ ‘Eclipse’ awakes with eerie atmospheres, not present before it’s slumber.
Retaining the steppy sequence of ‘Hook It’ the darkness of the drums has increased immensely and the uplifting melodies have been drained. As the pads sweep and ponder how to bypass the final wall for total infection a kick silences everything as a techie bass stab destroys the final hurdle. ‘Eclipse’ smashes down with an incredible wall of sound, completely destroying all sense of the Nervous system and any club system. The powerful drums, while minimal in structure; surrounded by deep heavy bass, create a huge sound, the mind has lost control. Subtle reese’s and wooden hits progress the tune helping to ensure you never get tired of hearing it, but for now all is lost the virus is in control.
An absolute club smasher, for those who like it minimal but heavy this is your Adrina Lima.


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