Run Tingz Recordings - G.TACTIX & LXP - Autumn 2010 Promo Mix (DnB / Jungle)


Run Tingz Recordings

So summer may well be behind us but the new Autumn season is guaranteed to bring some epic club nights, some life back to the vinyl industry and above all else the new Run Tingz promotional mix! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming releases on Run Tingz Recordings and Jungle Clone Records that will be dropping at some point over the next 6 weeks.

1. Blackout JA - Intro
2. Shy FX Ft. Top Cat - Champion DJ (Run Tingz VIP)
3. Debaser Ft. Blackout JA - Jungle Champion
4. Wildlife Collective - Champion Lover
5. G.Tactix & LXP Ft. YT - Born Inna Babylon (ruff mix)
6. DJ Panik & M Rode - Truth and Rights
7. G.Tactix & LXP Ft. Blackout JA - We Run Tengz (ruff mix)
8. Serial Killaz Ft. Top Cat - Original Ses (2010 remix)
9. Serial Killaz Ft. Demolition Man - Fire (Run Tingz VIP)
10. Chase & Status Ft. Top Cat - Ruffest Gunark (2009 remix & Run Tingz VIP)
11. Serial Killaz - My Sound A Champion
12. Potential Babboy - My Sound
13. Wildlife Collective - Pass Out (remix)
14. G.Tactix & LXP Ft. Blackout JA - News Flash (ruff mix)

Big up all the DnB Headz and all the Junglists in the far corners of the world!

The Run Tingz Cru
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Suffragette City..
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Booooooooyaaaaa! Fuck me...How did I manage to miss this first time around? Nice one for the as it should be heard!

Biggest ting outta Bristol since Roni! Propa dubs and everything...any sound test dead!

Wicked set! Thanks for the revoicings because that's breathed some new life into those tunes. Shame we're not getting our hands on any of them...are we? Had nuff fun mixing your 'ruffest gun ark' on cd...

Big up G-Tacktix/Mr Runtingz whoever you are! Nice couple of vinyl so far mate...keep them coming (you know top cat's 'sweet dreams' should be a dub!)