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Eastern Promise Audio’s second EP and 6th release is all centered on Toronto-based producer Rumbleton, who after several outstanding releases has been hailed under the label’s flag.
This time the connection stretches from Toronto to London back to Amsterdam,
where EPA residents Double O and Phuture-T have both contributed remixes of Rumbleton’s tracks to make this release one of the most forceful yet!

With this release Eastern Promise Audio celebrates their first anniversary, which needed to be done in style.
The cold days are upon us again which call for some cold, dark sounds to go along.
Rumbletons tracks Lion Structure and Panther Fist where the perfect choice.
To push the envelope even further the release will also feature exclusive remixes by Double O and Phuture-T.
The result is a menacing half hour of both tribal and oriental vibes blended through the original Eastern Promise recipe.

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A: Rumbleton - Lion Structure

" The EP’s title track Lion Structure is all about affirming Rumbleton’s skills to contribute to Eastern Promise Audio.
Opening with deep nyabinghi sounds and reggae vibes in a halfstep beat, the tune opens as a walk through a dark piece of jungle in the inner lands of Jamaica, with dub sirens amplifying the vibe.
It then erupts into a collision of dub vibes and mashing jungle breaks."

B: Rumbleton - Lion Structure (Double O Remix)

" Both it’s spiritual and philosophical character have been perfectly taken into consideration when Double O did the remix of the track on the flipside,
where lays down breaks over the tune’s vibes as only he can put them down. More twisted but just as exalted as the original, it has to be heard to be believed."

C: Rumbleton - Panther Fist

" The rasta vibes make way for more oriental ones on the next plate. Rumbleton opens up his second track Panther Fist with cold, mysterious pads and kung fu vibes against a palette of various jungle breaks hitting the ears like gunfire.
The drums rain down and slide past you as if choreographed by Shaolin monks, while deep rolling bass stabs bring back that distinct oldskool feel that completes the track’s timeless fusion."

D: Rumbleton - Panther Fist (Phuture-T Remix)

" Phuture-T then closes the EP as only he can do it, by remixing Panther Fist into one of the most dangerous examples of raw drumfunk that EPA has offered so far.
While holding the original track in high regard, he goes one step beyond by blending hard hitting stabs and creepy effects into a dark canvas of stampede while breathing the original’s martial arts;
ending the EPA 1 year celebration EP with a blast."

Eastern Promise Audio EPA06 is be for sale now exclusively from Bandcamp,
and will be available on Juno Download and Digital-Tunes from the 11th of November 2012.

EPA06: Lion Structure EP
Artist: Rumbleton
A: Rumbleton - Lion Structure
B: Rumbleton - Lion Structure (Double O Remix)
C: Rumbleton - Panther Fist
D: Rumbleton - Panther Fist (Phuture-T Remix)
Release Date:
October 7th , 2012 Bandcamp,
November 11th, 2012 Juno Download, Digital-Tunes
Format: mp3 and wave

Artwork: Robbert Peperkamp
Mastering: Bob Macc


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