Rumbleton - A New Day / Conscience [QEW001]


Jun 13, 2007
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Wow, both Rumbleton tunes are sounding wicked, love the medolic dubby b-line of Conscience :love:

Great start to a new label if I may add.

Also, is that artwork by RQ? Reminds of a few Samurai Music outings.
Couldn't agree more, at a first quick glance I thought it was a samurai release with the artwork. It might be
Conscience is a fucking ripper and a half, this label is going to be sick if they can keep this kind of quality level up...
Even more excited about this after yesterday's Rupture show tbh.
Yes, amazing Rupture show yesterday- (sadly) an apt tune for their Clyde Stubblefield tribute.

Equinox has been showing it some love too, here's his last show, comes around 13.5 mins..

Code (Subtle Audio) has been hammering both sides for a very long time, will have to find some recordings...
:word::word: Last night's show was fantastic.

And :lighter: the funky drummer
SERIOUSLY make sure to check this out. Rumbleton with a stunning tribute show to Clyde Stubblefield from the Stand Firm Sessions last Friday. "A New Day" makes an appearance in the mix, too.

But seriously, this should be spread everywhere. The show is sequenced perfectly and contains lots of stunning excerpts from Clyde himself in interviews, and flexing on the kit, and of course examples of his timeless breaks put to good use in Jungle & Hip Hop forms.
Utmost respect out to Rumbleton for brilliant work- a more fitting homage I could not conceive.
Rest in peace, Clyde.

Update for everyone:
First batch of pre-orders are being shipped today. UK orders from Bandcamp should be there for release day this Friday.

Also tune in this Thursday at 10.30 EST on for a special Release Day showcase, lots of heavy beats, forthcoming and unreleased material, heavy experimental sonics & atmosphere in North of 7 style.

Thanks everyone for the support so far. We have approximately 100 copies left across all platforms, so don't let it go under your radar.
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The official North of 7 Youtube channel is now up and streaming tracks in full. Listen whichever way you choose, we're not picky...

Check out the playlist for QEW001 here:

Also streaming on Spotify & Bandcamp, and digital versions available to purchase from all good stores:

Don't forget to grab your vinyl copies from all the usual shops - free digital versions when buying from Bandcamp.
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