Rules of Culture presents: Stateside South V.2

Rules of Culture and The Pentavrin present . . .

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1. Stateside Intro - Fi3ld & Twin Brothers Darkness – ROC / Pentavrin
2. Matlock (Short) – Hellabent – UGT / Microterrorizum / Foulplay
3. Still Playin' House (Live) - Twin Brothers Darkness – Pentavrin
4. The Vibes - Greenleaf & Beebe – Below C Level /
5. The Beholder – Kaneda – OTB / ROC
6. Stand OutThaBox – Noir Ghost – OTB / ROC / Sandia
7. Wake – Simian - Below C Level /
8. Body Rott (remix) - Twin Brothers Darkness vs. Bone Thugs – Pentavrin
9. See No Evil – Hellabent - UGT / Microterrorizum / Foulplay
10. Jacktown Escape Project – Rev. Scooter Jackson – ROC / OTB
11. Backdraft Beats (Fi3ld Mix) - Dead P.A. – ROC
12. Inferno – Boo - 240 Tribe
13. Sunday Drive - 360 Degrees – ROC / OTB / Sandia
14. 1904 (Hellabent mix) – Glock - UGT / Microterrorizum / Foulplay
15. The Middle of Nowhere - NDN Ghost - Corrosive Recordings
16. Sweet Nasty - 360 Degrees – ROC / OTB / Sandia

Mixed and Mastered @ Pentavrin Studios by Loki Cocepeli
Cuts, Sampling, and Overlays by El Noche
Twin Brothers Darkness <- Represent

Stateside South v.2 is a collective of original jungle and drum n bass works from the Southern United States’ up and coming producers. We at Rules of Culture have scanned the region for the best tunes and largest drums and present them now as a token of our appreciation to you for the support you have shown us over the years. This mix is a representation of the local dnb sound and is a collective in the true sense of the word. It is not specific to one crew or one sound, but rather a gumbo of drum heavy tracks mixed by Twin Brothers Darkness that many outside the south have not yet had the privilege of hearing.

For many years we have pushed the idea of “UNITY THROUGH MUSIC” and this is thoroughly represented in this compilation. Rules of Culture, in conjunction with the South’s finest dnb/jungle crews; Pentavrin Recordings, Below C Level, OutThaBox Recordings, Sandia Recordings, UGT Sickizm, Microterrorizum & Corrosive Recordings present the experience that is . . . Stateside South Volume II.

For future submission inquiries contact Fi3Ld, (318) 560-7142 or “Sham1”, (318) 282-0371.Visit us on the web at For Rules of Culture booking inquiries, contact “Sham1”, (318)282-0371, sham1 “at” or Thank you for your continued support.