Rufige Kru - Angel 3 (Loxy & Ink remix) / Sinister (Spirit remix)

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    Jan 3, 2003
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    Loxy and Ink step up to the plate with possibly the best remix of this classic tune. Keeping the original vocal pretty much intact they've changed the underlying melody slightly to create another harmony which is bound to bring a tear to your eye. This brings the track in to focus before some murderous stabs are unleashed upon your unsuspecting ear. A landslide of breaks follows along with some deadly deep subs to keep your feet moving. After the second breakdown the track gets even more hectic with many more elements being amplified or in the case of the bassline just brought down to earthquake inducing lows.

    The Spirit remix of Sinister also stays true to the ideas in the original and bounces along merrily with a arse shaking dub bassline and stepping beats. Some meloncholy pads float in from the old skool ether before some lightning mentasms rip the track apart half way through. The bass gets even funkier afterwards bringing the atmosphere up a level and should get the required reaction on the floor. These are two very rare tracks in that they should be played all the way through and may prove difficult to find in the future. Happy hunting.