RuffStuff - fun n kray-z-b - on Cyndicut FM 1999


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Oct 14, 2008
Big set, thanks for uploading this. Always liked Krazy-B's flow and MC Fun going on sick too.

Does anybody know any programs that joins MP3 files together, would be nice to have the set in one whole MP3 file.

Edit: Found a program that mergers files, if anyone wants the merged mp3 file, I'll be more than happy to upload it.
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Jul 2, 2007
Cypher - Semtex
Dom & Roland - Sky Spirits
Capone - Growler

Krust - Excuses instrumental
Bad Company - The Pulse
Omni Trio - Byte Size Life (Shimon remix)

Pascal - Swamper
Bad Company - 4 days
Moving Fusion - The Beginning
Capone - Tudor Rose
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Dec 15, 2007
Cambridge, UK
Actually enjoying this.

I swear this was the end of a golden era of DNB. 2000 everything got fucked up.

There's no "sound effects" or shouting "LEMON" on this, just nice flowing MCs and (for the first time ever) good selection from Ruffy.

Wicked, thx for this mate.
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