Ruffie - Damage / Void Of Sense - Out Today on AutomAte

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    Romanian artist Ruffie is no stranger to the AutomAte label, appearing on the Depth of Vision EP Volumes 1 & 2. He follows up here with a solo single, combining old-school production aesthetics with an unexpected freshness, more soundtrack than set-filler.

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    Damage sets a soulful scene with crustily sampled horns and pads before dropping into trademark metallic drum breaks and chunky sub-bass line. This tune is a builder, as melodic elements creep surreptitiously back into the mix, creating a constantly evolving aural tapestry.

    Void Of Sense lays out a slightly bleaker landscape, balanced expertly once again with vibey melodic touches while an ever-changing, complex bed of organic and sampled sounds seamlessly glues the experience into one living breathing whole.

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