Label Ruffen + Dissident - The Chip / Isotop + Kaiza RMX [T-FILE-EP003]

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    Tilt-Recordings / T-FILE-EP003:
    Ruffen + Dissident - "The Chip" (2002 Original)
    Ruffen + Dissident - "The Chip" (Isotop + Kaiza RMX)


    "The Chip" by Ruffen and Dissident is a classic from 2002.
    It is an epic, futuristic and innovative piece of music,
    a big tune in the informal history of technoid Drum & Bass.

    Watch Kaiza going crazy about it on DMF (in German) in 2004:

    However, Ruffen + Dissident were widely underrated back then,
    and their tunes from this period are still mostly unknown.
    One of the main reasons is that the russian CD labels like
    Totally Advanced Music, Resistance Music and Respect Family
    (on which most of their tunes were released, including two
    full-length CD albums and features on various compilations)
    have never been distributed outside of Russia, so our only
    way of getting to know about this music was the internet.
    Consequently, only the russian scene and relatively few
    "neuro-nerds" from the western countries got to hear it.
    Many worthy tunes like "Jesus Is The Brand" and "The Chip"
    never saw the light of day in record stores internationally -
    the only one that actually reached the scene outside Russia
    was "Techneceum" by Dissident and well known russian artist
    Paul B which came out on a Renegade Hardware EP in 2002.
    Eventually, Dissident finally gained some of the attention
    he deserves years later, with some of his tunes released on
    labels like Covert Opeeration, Subvert Central and Offshore.
    In 2006 he even had a much anticipated 3x12" LP scheduled
    on the Gamma Ray label which, sadly, was never released.

    Now, 7 years after the original release on Resistance Music,
    Tilt-Recordings proudly present a re-release of "The Chip",
    making the tune internationally available for the first time
    together with the remix by Isotop and Kaiza which carefully
    takes the original lead theme gradually to new levels...

    wav & mp3 available here: (paypal enabled)

    soon also here:

    artists' myspaces:

    label info:


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