Ruff-Teck & Metrik recordings online shop [exclusive]


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A lot has happened in the Ruff-Teck/Metrik camp in the past weeks. We’ve had to make some tough decisions, but we’re back on track… better and badder than ever! From now on you’ll be able to buy all the new Ruff-Teck and Metrik releases at very competitive prices exclusively in our own online shop.

We know this is a gorilla-sized step to take, but we see it as the only way we can keep Ruff-Teck and Metrik alive and we believe that with the addition of your support we can easily pull this off.

This will mark the end of all availability and release issues that we’ve had to struggle with. Concessions had to be made (on the artwork, etc.) to keep prices manageable, but in return for all this we will be able to give you a completely unleashed and untamable Ruff-Teck and Metrik. For a detailed motivation regarding the ‘why' of this matter visit or

So, what’s in store?

We’re kicking off with the Ruff-Teck #63 doublepack by Eye-D & DJ Hidden. This 2x12” features Eye-D's long awaited and already heavily rotated ‘James Brown’.

Next to drop on Metrik is ‘Dirty Orange’ by Ancronix, which has taken quite a lot of top DJs across the globe by surprise. The world’s finally waking up.

All of our older stock will also be available directly from the shop. This is your chance to pick up older releases from producers such as Unusual Incident, Eye-D, DJ Hidden, Current Value, Ruffneck, Predator, Skinnah, Enda, Edge Harmonics and Ancronix, in addition to our new material.

We need all the support we can get so if you dig the Ruff-Teck and Metrik sound, please, pretty please (with sugar on top) support us and get your Dutch rough & toughness directly from our shop from now on.


The Ruff-Teck & Metrik Crew