Ruff-Teck brings you crack & waste on 65

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    Check here for another headstrong release from the lower lands.
    On this slice of vinyl we decided on an "A" and a "AA" side.
    You are free to decide what the title track is and what the flip is... or you can choose to have two title tracks, of course!

    One of the tracks, Wastelands, is produced by DJ Hidden and the other, Drug In, by Unusual Incident.
    Two complete different styles on one 12".
    Be sure to get your hands on this one quickly because this is another exclusive gem for all the DJs who want something with a different flavor!

    And remember, Ruff-Teck is hard to find out there and there won't be any represses if it's sold out in our shop.
    Also make sure to check out the other available releases because slowly but surely we are running out of copies.
    And again... when we're out... we're out!

    Ruff-Teck 65
    When you feel the need to dance with wolves and have the urge to howl at the moon, you know something is messing with your mind.
    Is it the music, is it the crack... or is the combination?

    DJ Hidden - Wastelands
    Try to keep hold of DJ Hidden's hand while he shows you around in his "Wastelands".
    This inventive track lets you glide around keen soundscapes and contaminating melodies.
    The vocoded voice leads you in the right direction every time you appear to be getting lost.
    Don't be afraid... DJ Hidden won't torture you, he'll just mess you up a little and leave you deserted in his reality!

    Unusual Incident - Drug In
    The flip is a sharp contrast.
    Unusual Incident provides you with a line of Dutch bass, accurately placed - for you - to give it a good sniffing.
    The 70's style vocal in combination with the tearing bassline and rolling drums make "Drug In" an "in-your-nose"-detonation.
    No need to 'pimp' your car, phone, bird or mother-in-law to be cooler on this one!
    Just take a sniff and feel the way you want to feel!

    You can order the Ruff-Teck 65 direct from us @ for that special price!!!