Ruff Rhythmz: Statik and Woodrow


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Apr 7, 2003
Almere, The Netherlands

Only halfway through April, and yet again a great show. In the first hour Statik made a mix in honour of the brilliant new Ascencion 3 release on the dutch Scientific label. You can download the mix here of course, but you can also download the complete Ascencion 3 release from the scientific site, which is highly recommended for all who are into intelligent drum 'n' bass and wish to hear a different sound.
The second hour belgian DJ Woodrow is on the decks, and i mean really, really on the decks! A whopping 30 tunes are being pumped through this 60 minutes mix which will leave you breathless for sure. Woodrow drops a massive selection of tunes, including a bunch of dubs by Concord Dawn, Paul B and Crossfire.
Commence your downloads at

1st Hour: Statik's Ascencion 3 Mix
Blueshift: Rising Planets - Scientific
Intersidereal: Earth in Sight - Scientific
Matizz and Modemellow: Transit (pbk remix) - Scientific
Mav: Divine Interaction - Scientific
Twister: Watercolour - Scientific
Kom'ah: Reptile - Scientific
Greentone and Maestroh: Eskalationway - Scientific
Deepflow: Visible Light - Scientific
Jay: You Hypnotize - Scientific
Jay: Jam - Scientific

2nd Hour: Woodrow
Distorted Minds: Warriors - Formation
Special Forces: Sidewinder - Photek Productions
Kenny Ken: D 'n' B Souljah - Mix 'n' Blen
Wrisk and Mackie: G-Step - Gain
Crossfire: Stryker - Drop on Request [dub]
Drumsound and Simon 'Bassline' Smith: Fallin' - Formation
Concord Dawn: Slinky - Heavy Rotation [dub]
Bulletproof: Seduction - Cyanide
Dom and Optical: Quadrant 6 (e-sassin vip) - Moving Shadow
Damage: Screaming Soul - Invaderz Transmissions
Concord Dawn: Vulcan - [dub]
Dylan: Dark Planet - Freak
Danny C: Tthe Strenght - Portica
Digital: Static - Commercial Suicide
Total Science: Condor - Skunkrock
Skynet and Stakka: Knight Lore - Underfire
Paul B: Summerlove - [dub]
Total Science: Chicken in a Basket - Industry
Hive and Keaton: Death Thread - Violence
Total Science: Pop Psychology - CIA
Benjie: AI - BSE
Tango and Ratty: Cold Rock Stuff - Access
Total Science: Spy Hunter - CIA
Roni Size: Lyric on my Lip (marky remix) - Full Cycle
Concord Dawn: Tick Tock - [dub]
Crossfire: Skywarp - Xfire
Arqer and Realtime: B with U - Monkey
Ancronix: Unicorn (black sun empire remix) - Citrus
Concord Dawn: Tonite - Phantom Audio [dub]
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