Rudical - Snatch / Truth [Plush] Ragga Jungle

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    Rudical - Snatch (Original Mix)

    Rudical - Truth (Original Mix)

    A dash of old-school cinema score. Plush debuts a single from Jorge Goyco aka
    Rudical out of TX -- This single includes 2 fresh "PLUSHy" tracks in the form
    of heavy ragga jungle breakage.

    DJ support from Re5a, Raggafarian, and more..
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    LABEL: Plush Recordings
    ARTIST: Rudical
    TITLE: Snatch / Truth
    GENRE: Ragga Jungle / Jungle / Drum and Bass
    CAT: PLUSH086D
    RELEASE DATE: 2016-04-24
    TRACKS: 2

    Rudical - Snatch (Original Mix)
    Rudical - Truth (Original Mix)

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