Rregula & Dementia - "Echoes from the Future" CD Album & MP3 & 12" vinyl sampler!


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Aug 19, 2008
out now!

(CD ALBUM/ 12" Vinyl sampler/ MP3)


1. Echoes from the Future
2. Payback (with Triage)
3. New Orleans (with Misha)
4. Low Life (with Misha)
5. Obfuscate (with Smooth)
6. Sludge Tunnel (Optiv remix)
7. Hells Beach (with Nme Click)
8. The Chippy (with Muller)
9. Insilva (with Fava)
10. Black Friday (with Trei)
11. Into my Mind (DJ Hidden Remix)
12. Redford vs Jackson
13. Outro

Exclusive Album Mix by Dementia & MC Stunnah

For more audio previews of the album check here:

bag it here:

DJ support by:
Neonlight, Axiom, Blokhead, Inside Info, Aeph, Ouadrant, Kantyze, Allied, Task Horizon, Rido, Maztek and many more
Also out on the 7th of October is the 12" vinyl single from the Album -

A: Rregula & NME Click - "Hells Beach"

B: Dementia & Triage - "Payback"


Rregula and Dementia started their collaborations in 2006 as they found out that they share the same passion for technoid rolling and synthetic sounding drum and bass.
It did not take long before the duo felt that their chemistry simply matched almost magically. Encouraged by the fun of working together and the positive feedback on their music, Rregula and Dementia decided to save their best tracks and work very hard for an Album. Now in 2011 the time has come, and together with a lot of guest appearances like Optiv, Trei, Misha, DJ Hidden, Triage and NME Click this masterpiece of Neurofunk will be out on Trust in Music on the 15th of July 2011.



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Aug 19, 2008
Out now on 12“ vinyl !!

A: Rregula & Dementia – „Hells Beach“(ft.NMEClick)
B: Rregula & Dementia – „Payback“ (ft. Triage)

It wasn´t an easy choice: „Payback“ and „Hells Beach“ from their highly acclaimed Album „Echoes from the Future“ are two cuts that have been found out to work especially good on dancefloors. „Payback“ has a dark and warm atmosphere before it drops into a scraping bass and tough drum breaks. „Hells Beach“ brings in the production talents of NME Click for an outstanding venture into the unknown – especially the drum groove on this one is very different but nevertheless fresh and moving. Guitar stabs and the light and wide pads in the intro are combined with subbass and hollow percussions after the drop.




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Mar 3, 2011
Um, what tracks are Rregula and what tracks are Dementia? I downloaded the whole album and I've got it all as Rregula & Dementia but I don't think that's 100% right
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