Drum & Bass RPM 2013/Untitled #2, DnB


I haven't posted a song here in a long time, as last time I realized how much more I had to learn. I'm still not as good as I'd like to be, but I do feel this is much more solid work than I've posted before.

Incidentally, I made this as the second track on my RPM Challenge 2013 album. Anyone one else doing that challenge?

As always, comments and critique welcome; if you've got a thread open in the review forum and you comment here, I'll make sure to have a listen and give my thoughts on your track.

Thanks to all who listen.
Hi kdk,

It's quite techy/minimal feel at first, drums are good when they come in at 0.23 (good snare especially imo) but I didn't really get interested until the rise at 0.40 (which is nice), I quite like those sine/bass stabs that then come in, goes well with the rhythm of the tune and completes that mid-bass you had going. Not sure I get on with the lead at all, especially around 1.45 it really loses me (this may just be personal taste, I think it's quite retro and doesn't really fit the more modern style of bass elsewhere?). Back down to a fairly minimal feel at the drop which is nice, but then the tune doesn't really change enough for me.....I think the lead part is a bit different but other than that I'm struggling to feel a change (is that intended?). I quite like it at 5.15 with just the bass on it's own, maybe you could run with that a bit more or reverse the lead/mess with it a bit? So overall, yes very solid drums and bass, maybe more work on the lead imo and some more variation with the other elements (e.g. even just stopping everything apart from one element for a bar can work quite well).

Hope that helps, I've seen you gave lots of good feedback to others including me so hope you get a few more replies and alternative points of view :)