Royalston "Cerulean Blue - EP"


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Mar 30, 2009
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I can't believe theres not a thread already for this... I picked it up today and it's hot! Only track I'm not really feeling is the Japanese Bones Remix which would actually be fine if it wasn't for the vox.
It's a bit different but large release imo!

Cerulean Blue



MA - Japanese Bones [Royalston Remix]
yeah man sick ep, bonesinger is class especially. so much better than his single on bad taste
wo wo wo, don't be hatin on all my life will you

bonesinger sounds like rockwell imo
I really like it cause it sounds so different from the usual stuff, in fact I really like everything that's come out on Med School as it always (or usual at least) sounds different then what a lot of other labels are putting out.

bonesinger sounds like rockwell imo

I don't see how this could possibly be a bad thing.
To be honest, I'd call All My Life one of the tunes of the year. This EP is good but it has nothing on All My Life in my opinion! To be fair, they're quite different sounds, just from the same producer.
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