Rowdy heavyweight mix

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    Easy all,

    Made this for a mates bday, thought you might enjoi it!

    Chiefs Bday Mix

    Louder (Drumsound and Bassline Smith remix) - Dj Fresh [Ministry of Sound]
    >> Messiah - Konflict [Renegade Hardware]
    Program - Noisia [Vision]
    Kingdom - Spor [Lifted?]
    Stand Up - Friction ft Camo & Krooked [Shogun Audio]
    >> Game Over - TC [D-Style Recordings]
    Snorkel - Siren [Siren Recordings]
    Subterrestrial - The Prototypes [Shogun Audio]
    >> Back to Your Roots (Friction & K.Tee remix) Mr L [Shogun Audio]
    Snakey - Disaszt ft. Shimon [Mainframe Records]
    BTKTRSH - Rockwell [Shogun Audio]
    >> Let It Happen VIP - Break [Shogun Audio]
    Snake Eyes - Bungle ft Total Science & Ayah [C.I.A.]
    Gridlock (Break remix) - Ram Trilogy [RAM Records]
    Vice Chase - Culture Shock [Ram Records]
    >> Friday - Capone (Dillinja) [Hardleaders]
    Paperchase - Brookes Bros ft. Danny Byrd [Breakbeat Kaos]
    Long Distance - Fred V & Grafix [Allsorts]
    >> True Romance - D Bridge [Metalheadz Platinum]
    Diagnosis Murder (Metrik Remix) - BCee [Spearhead Records]
    >> Take Me Away - Chase & Status [RAM records]
    Crucify Me pt 1 (DNB Dj Edit) - Shock One [Viper Recordings]
    >> Warhead (TC remix) - Krust [V Recordings]
    Honey Bee - Inside info [Viper Recordings]
    >>Anything You Say - Wickaman & RV [Black Widow]
    Overdose - Wilkinson [Ram Records]
    >> Link to the Past - Loadstar [RAM Records]
    Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) - Breakage ft. Jess Mills [Digital Soundboy]
    Renegade Snares - Omni Trio [?]
    Xerox - Basher ft. Xtrah [RAM Records]
    Space Between (vocal) - Loadstar [RAM Records]
    >> Signal - DJ Fresh [RAM Records]
    Don't Look Down - Break ft Calyx & Teebee [Symmetry]
    Patience VIP - Jubei [Metalheadz]
    Seven - Octane & DLR [Dispatch Recordings]
    Strange Science - Phace [Shogun Audio]
    One Chance - Enei [Critical Records]
    >> Quest - Andy C & Shimon [RAM Records]
    Dreadnaught - Icicle ft SP:MC [Shogun Audio]
    Androids - Basher [RAM Records]
    Set It Off (Icicle Remix) - Frictio & K.Tee [Shogun Audio]
    Breezeblock - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]
    >> Move - Disaszt ft Kos & Tenchu [Mainframe Records]
    Polygon (Dirty Phonics remix) - Shock One ft Reija Lee [Viper Recordings]
    >> By The Power of Ra (Figure remix) - The Damn Doors [Sick Slaughterhouse]
    >> The Nine - Bad Company UK [BC Recordings]

    Feedback pleeeeeeaaaaassseeee!
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    Jul 13, 2011
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    Cheers for the thank's Mr Sketcha!