Routing together all the elements that make up your drums


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Personally I've found a formula that works quite nicely and am pretty happy with it, I thought I'd share it, as havn't shared much of my own ideas yet, just learning from others.

I start with tracks ready for kicks, snares, ghost hits, and breaks/percussion, for which I highly recommend using rex files in a sampler- in my case the exs24.
I process all of these tracks purely with subtractive EQing, and transient shaping
I then start routing. I do this by changing the output of the kick tracks to the input of my kick bus, the snares to a snare bus, the ghost hits to a ghost bus, the breaks and percussion to a percussion bus.
With all of these groups, I will separately process, using further eq and compressors etc.
I then change the outputs of all of these buses to route them all to my DRUMS bus.
Of course I apply some processing to the drums bus too, filtering eqing and compression etc etc.
I then set the drums bus to NO OUTPUT. This allows me to use the sends on the drums bus channel to split the frequencies.
I create 2 sends and have them both at the same level - 0.0 in the case of logic.
I send to 2 different buses I label Mono and Stereo.
On the Mono bus I use only Logics Multipressor and Solo the first frequency band and set the band to range from 0 to about 300 HZ.
I make sure the Mono bus is also actually operating in MONO lolzzzzzzzz
Then basically just do the opposite for the stereo- multipressor, solo all the bands above 300 hz and operate in stereo.

Anyone got any other interesting methods?


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Kiks to kik bus

snares to snare bus - Transient design in playlist & compression, both on the individual hits & the bus

Percussion to percussion bus - compression + saturation & placement

Kik bus & Snr bus to group - enhancement / compression if needed

Kik + Snr group & percussion bus to DRUMZ Bus - turn up snare and squash back in with bus compressor.


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I use Ableton Drum Racks, this is essntially a group of channels with hits on their own channels

Usually I will have lots of diffrent racks, first rack is Kick and Snare, 2nd rack Hi-hats, maybe a 3rd with Hi-hats, and a 4th with other percussion

all of those get grouped up (routed to one bus), then depending on the sound I will add Parallel Limiting & Compression

I always group my percussion up together and compress it together
dunno if it fits in this thread but how would you send an individual slice of a drum rack to a return track?
i was thinking of doing a detour trough another audio track but it wouldn't even let me edit the "audio to" field..

maybe you can help? :)


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Little confusing set up IMO :D If i would want some effect chain limited to one frequency range, i`d record the part with effects or one after another.
This way i have my basic set midi triggered, and some parts sliced up effect wise on another audio track. no need to route all the things. And i have the flexibilty i need,
are there any cons to this workflow?