Routing and recording multiple tracks at once with E-MU Patchmix // Help!


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So first let me explain my situation: I'm a audio producer and I absolutely love my E-MU 1616 PCi card, but recently I started doing more than just producing music. I'm starting my new website and next Tuesday the first videos on my new Youtube channel will go online. These will be loaded within my site as well. So I'm going to make video tutorials about audio production and that is where my main audio routing problem kicks in.

I produce my music in Ableton Live mostly, so my tutorials will be about Ableton. Now I want to record Ableton Live's output and the Dock A XLR input on my E-MU Microdock at the same time. I don't think I can do this directly within Ableton since while recording the tutorials I will be playing and pausing Ableton for quite some times. So I'm looking for a way to do this and I'm sure it has to be possible. I already recorded some videos already, but the problem is I record the audio output of my hardware mixer (which just functions as a master volume control) with a portable recorder from Tascam. This because I couldn't get my head around the routing of Patchmix DSP for this particular instance.

I would like to record the audio from Ableton and the audio of me speaking into the mic connected to Dock A at the same time in separate tracks, so I can adjust them separately later on. Now one thing I noticed is that it looks like Ableton shuts down the audio for all other software when it's running, which makes it impossible for me to record within another program. There has to be an easier way around this, so if anybody here can help that would be highly appreciated!


Kaj van den Oord