DnB Round The Corner WIP Techy, jump upy, atmos roller thing


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Nov 9, 2016

Sorry can only post link as above as I am too dumb to work out how to link it properly despite it being explained to me.

Spent far too long hammering away at a vocal tune I'm working on to the point I'm sick to the back teeth with it. Thought fuck that and made a more simple atmospheric roller in about 2 hours. Not properly EQ'd yet, needs some more thought into arrangement and will add more drum edits. But, would be really interested to see what people think of this one as it's not my usual style.

Big ups x
Here's the vocal tune it came out of...very much WIP. Realised I had done my old trick of making two completely different tunes and hammering them together. Project is on ice for now. Vocals are just really placeholders for now but again, not done a vocal tune so any feedback very much appreciated.

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