Rotation @ Time Nightclub, Guildford, 06.04.05

Time Dependant

Jungle Hunter
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Now heading out to Guildford on a wednesday night just seems a little weird, but then after a half of driving & thinking to myself I realised that it's got a massive Uni & plenty of up for it students & locals. Arriving just after the 9 mark I meet my partner in crime for the night the one & only Jay Walker. We head to the door which is already beginning to fill up with eager d&b heads & this is where I meet DJ Subterra working hard making sure everything is on point. After a quick 5 minute chat it's into Time we go & were instantly greeted by a b2b set with Network & Lean warming the floor nicely. Working through some clean breaks & dancefloor rollers it sets a steady platform for the night to begin as the two of them smile from ear to ear as they watch the instant reaction of the fellow ravers as soon as they enter the club.Myself & Jay took a seat just on the edge of the dancefloor which allowed us to watch the ongoing's throughout the night & to take in how clear & well managed the Nine Bar soundsystem really is. Props to these guys as their bringing their legendary outside free party vibe into clubs & I can imagine that's not easy getting the sound right but great job.

Up next was Subterra b2b with DJ FD & this did not disappoint!! Double drop mayhem was the way this began as Pendulum's technotic remix of Bacteria was carved beautifully amongst C4C & Fierce's Carrier remix devastating. by the time Sidekick & Digga had touched down on the stage their hype flows had the heads nodding & added a little more fuel for the fire as this set was burning the roof down. I had a little walk over to the booth & caught Subterra dropping Stakka & Skynet's Biosfear which sent me crazy & the whole place errupted, but this was shortly followed by Noisia's perfect remix of Messiah & a guest appearance by Breakneck fav Master X. The real gem I thought about this set was the flip in style, it began as hard dancefloor tech & finished with some really fresh rolling d&b not dark just funky as hell & really quite beautiful to listen to more Breakage So Vain anyone!!

Now the time had come, silence began as the ravers foamed from the mouth waiting in auwe for the monstrous Adam F. I've never seen him DJ before so I was also pretty excited about what he had to offer for us all & the Redman collaboration intro was just the funniest thing I heard all night. Redman spitting in a london cockney accent had me & Jay chuckling & the dancefloor screaming then boom bassline mayhem. Jump up business indeed as Adam F worked his way through some tasty new dubplates most notably Jungle Sound VIP which was a vast improvement on the original, Original Nutter VIP, Dillinja In Tha Grind VIP, & the usual floor fillers like All That Jazz, a few cheeky Pendulum specials. I have to admit the tunes Adam F played weren't what I usually listen to but the guy is one hell of a dj, he really read the crowd & done some insane mixes to get every single person in the club grooving to an hours worth of pure pleasure. If this wasn't enough MC Fearless was dangling the carrot & Rotation resident IC3 had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. A massive cheer went up after Mr F left the booth definetly would pay the bucks to see the man dj once again.

After the onslaught which I had just witnessed it was that time to hit the bar once again & gather my thoughts. Another look across the dancefloor & everyone was full of energy & smiles making you feel you were really part of an event which was a bit special. Red One then stepped up & opted for a reserved approach not carving the floor with anthems just working the system enough to allow those people who needed a head nod rather than a workout 30 minutes rest. I decided it was time for the trusty camera to appear & off I went venturing around the race course style club bumping into familiar faces & some new. If I'm honest I got so involvedin cahtting to people I missed the last part of Red One's set but I know the man done good as he always does, plus with MC Low-Qui & IC3 next to him how can he not.

Last but not least was DJ Go from the awsome Mixologists, beginning a set with the awsome Bad Company & Noisia collaboration Meditation was something special but the mix which he tore into straight after was special, as John B's Up All Night echoed throughout the club. Instant drops & quick filtered mixes had this place jumping once again & Go really looked to be enjoying himself alongside Shortson.

Once again Rotation have surpassed all expectations & are really beginning to fill a whole in Guildford which was left when the mighty One Nation appeared at the now deceased Bojanglez. The atmosphere, dj's, soundsystem, & event as a whole is second to none so get yourself ready for the bank holiday weekend when Fresh, Sub Focus, & Moving Fusion drop in to town.