Rotation @ Time Guildford 3rd November

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    After meeting one of the funniest petrol station attendants in my life, I knew the night was going to become one of those ones.
    We arrived around 9.30 where we were greeted by an up for it crowd waiting patiently to see some of the biggest names in d&b rinse out the latest & baddest tunes on the scence. We managed to get straight in without any troubles & this is where I meet one of the many dj's of the night DJ Network. I managed to get a quick chat with the man & this is what he had to say about Rotation:

    'The event started when Subterra was approached to help with a charity event at Time night club on the 7th of april 2004 and decided to make it a big night with big name djs like Randall, Bryan Gee, Fluid & Subfocus, Foxy, Ic3, Eksman, Fatman D & Shortston, this was for the first time under the name Rotation. The night was a complete success with 650 people thru the door and Raising £2500 for Sgt Cancer care for kids. following the success of the Charity night (which we will be Doing annually every April) i got together with four friends who are all djs/producers/promoters and very dedicated to the DnB Scene, to come and work with me on the nights.'

    The man was putting in all his effort to getting the door organised & people in as soon as possible so I left him to his work & entered Time.

    As always it was straight to the bar to savour the fine selection of beer on tap & as always the bar is the best place to get a good view of things early on. From checking out the crowd it was clear that everyone had come to rave, not a single sour look on anyones face so the attitude was 0%!! Choppy amens & beautiful liquid tunes opened the dancefloor crews first episode of what the Rotation DJ's had to bring, & from the smiles clearly beaming from the b2b dj set of Subterra, FD, & Reeda they were clearly playing for fun & making sure everyone was enjoying the low end broken bass rhythms. First ear teaser of the night came when 'Breakage Stoneheart' came swooping through the speakers making me jack my body like some crazy drum & bass robot, this tune can cut it with the best of them & looking at everyone else they new it to.

    After chilling with my mate Dan we bumped into a very hyper-active mate also named Dan who took us over to a few people we haven't seen for a long time, so now all of a sudden I'm at a drum & bass event on a wednesday night reminiscing with some collegues madness, but hey that's why we love what we do.

    Up next were the sounds of Network & Basil. Now I've seen Mampi Swift, Andy C, Friction & the rest of the king of the double drops but no-one & I honestly mean no-one has ever done a double drop like this. If you've got decks try this, open with Pack of Wolves (Pendulum remix) & double drop it with Fresh Foreigner you will scream with delight because it is the sickest set opener you can have. From that the crowd were fired & ready for action but it only made for the MC to shout for rewind to hear that this monster once again. The teasing hip hop style break & the menacing guitars rumble through the speakers while the punk vocals rise & rise then bang, taht double drop again sickness!!! By this time the club was filling out perfectly & anyone who was in 2 feet of the dancefloor was ushered to get their hands in the air & get some moves going as this set was about to explode. Heavy tech rollers poured from the speakers & crunched the dancefloor some old C4C dropped & put a huge smile on my face, but the tune of the night had to be Pendulum's monsterous remix of Ed Rush & Optical's Bacteria. This caused stampedes from the frantic crowd but rewound it was not, just straight into the next heavy weight tune picked freshly from the box was the blueprint for this set. Let's not forget the MC's on show because they had a massive impact on involving the crowd & really complementing the dj's which is something that can be hard to come by. Resident MC'S Sidekick, Master X & Digga Shared the Mic from 9-11 with guest appearance's from MC Freestyle & MC Shortson.

    By now the club was at maximum capacity & I had to shoot out to the front door as my mate left his wallet at home & I had to pay for him to get in (yer haven't we all heard that b4, in fact he still owes me a tenner). As we entered the club man of the moment Sub Focus rolls through with a box of freshly cut dubs & dancefloor smashers ready to be unleashed upon the hungry massive alongside Dj Lean, this guy is hot right now & he was just going to prove a crowd of 200 why that was.
    We made are way back to the dancefloor through the eager track spotters & picked are place to catch a great view of the dj booth. I'm going to be honest I didn't know what he played, what he opened with or what he did but for an hour of my life I don't think I've asked so many people what tune this is. MC Low Qui keeps them screaming for more as his tight lyrics & hype chat ride smoothly across the acid synth d&b Sub Focus has decided to smash. Sub Focus was dropping dubplate after dubplate & it just got better & better. Heavy floor fillers, mixed with hints of jump up but rude acid blasts, this guy is making some of the most exciting music in d&b at the moment &it was clear to me why Andy C brought him on board. One for the future most definetly.

    After the impressive Sub Focus left the building it was time for the True soldier Mr Zinc. I had to hit the bar after exhausting my body but no one was letting up as Zinc opens with some more liquid rolling funk. The crowd sway, Zinc rocks forwards & backwards, & it makes for a beautiful relationship for the Rotation night. Working his way through new dubs & some of his classic work, Zinc knows he can keep things rocking with whatever he plays so decides to take it up another level with some real head nod jump up. Furious bass sounds drive through the crowd as MC Foxy makes his presence known, & makes the crowd move with his typical style.

    Remembering for 2 minutes that this was still a wednesday night, I had to adjust my focus & stop thinking about work (even though I called in sick the next day) so off we went back to that packed dancefloor once again for the might Mampi Swift.

    As you guessed this was double drop heaven, how can two tunes been played together sound so heavy!! Mampi was on form & teased the crowd with some old classics moulding superbly over fresh new material. By this time I had to take a step back & admire what had been done for an unknown event in Guildford.

    My final thought's are what a wicked night, these guys have got it locked & could bridge a massive gap that seperates the south coast scence from what the capital has to offer. With more nights planned & bigger names to come 2005 looks like it could be a good time for the young guns.

    Extra shout to Subterra, Basil & Network for the time & guest list.

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