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I'm an old school junglist at heart and I'm loving the whole new school 'ting but I thought to myself alot of you are getting ambushed by reggae dubs on tunes by producers like Serial Killaz that you might not have heard properly so i'll make a little compilation for you...

Most of these tunes are the right tempo for mixing jungle or drum'n'bass into and you can have untold fun double dropping them.

Bless up! xxx
Papa Jaro!

Murderer - Barrington Levy
Police & Helicopter - John Holt
Under mi sleng teng - Wayne Smith
Pumpkin belly - Tenor Saw
Miss Montieth - Junior Demus
Hog in a mi minty - Nitty Gritty
Haffi hustle, haffi juggle - Red Dragon
Think a big sound - Ricky General
Retreat wicked Man - Garnet Silk
Young Lover - Coca Tea
Wicked inna bed - Shabba Ranks
Your Love - Michael Prophet & Ricky Tuffy
Hypocrites - Michael Prophet & Daddy Freddy
Come! - Barrington Levy
Boom youth - Admiral Bailey
Bunn di sensi - Top Cat
Love mi ses - Top Cat
First position - Mega Banton
Good body - Buju Banton
Batty Rider - Buju Banton
Coca cola shape - Simpleton
Position - Terror Fabulous
Come dis up - General Degree
Ganga Lee - Louis Culture
Walk & Skank - Jah Screech