Roots of deep DNB


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Nov 4, 2009
Two mixes here:

Still Run Deep
Must be something about the dark nights in the depths of winter making these mid-90s deep rollers sounding as good as ever. This mix is a selection of the deepest cuts from all the labels that represented that post-hardcore sound, including Metalheads, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, Reinforced, Prototype, Basement, Dee Jay Recordings and of course Good Looking.

Still Run Deep

1. Detroit - Jazz Juice (Wax Doctor + Alex Reece)
2. In Too Deep - JMJ & Flytronix (Blame Remix)
3. One and Only - PFM
4. White Blossom - Basic Unit
5. Ear Drums - Low Key Movements
6. Touch - DJ Krust
7. Stream of Thought - Intense
8. Is It Love - Hidden Agenda
9. Heaven - Splash
10. Kloke - King Kooba (Hidden Agenda Remix)
11. Mute (Remix) - Matrix
12. Hooligan - Digital
13. Blueprint - The Architex
14. Music - LTJ Bukem
15. Threshold - Dillinja

Run Deeper Still

This one is a part two to Still Run Deep. Whereas that one went through some deep dnb from the mid-nineties, this one takes in future thinking tracks from 97 up to 02. Producers such as d-bridge, instra:mental, rockwell etc have recently livened up the scene by experimenting with minimal and progressive formulas - i think the selection here could be considered part of the roots of that new dnb tree.

Theres plenty of depth charges from the likes of M.I.S.T, Doc Scott (Nasty Habits) and Hidden Agenda - some of which have to go down as the earliest examples of the minimal dnb sound. But its not all stripped down - there are a fair few upfront but 'travelling' tracks in the mix to.

Alongside some forgotten and more obscure gems there's also a few classics: I think Ed Rush and Optical did a lot to bring depth to the mainstream of dnb back at that time. Taking it home on my favourite Ram track, Electro Melody, and then as a bonus outro a bit of 5/4 dnb with live violin on a track by Cornwall's Prolog.

Run Deeper Still

Session Two - Dego
Deep Beats - Nasty Habits
Sub Tensions - Twisted Individual
Devil's Advocate - Alpha Omega
Out There - Accidental Heroes
Neptune - M.I.S.T
Stay - Hidden Agenda
The Abyss - Fellowship
Haunted - Accidental Heroes
Technologik - State Logik
Lose Control - M.I.S.T
Soldiers - Krust
Warp 1 - M.I.S.T
Relentless - Hidden Agenda
War Cry - John B
Bacteria - Ed Rush + Optical
Naked Lunch - Ed Rush + Optical
Electro Melody - Ram Trilogy
Bonus Track:
She Mirrors Me - Prolog
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