DnB "Roots and Future": Podcast on History of UK Jungle and Dance


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Jun 27, 2016
I wanted to share a podcast that I think might be of interest to the DnB forum. Called "Roots and Future," it's a 59 minute history of black British dance music, tracing the evolution of a sound and a scene from jungle and drum and bass to garage, grime, and dubstep. Exploring the community behind these divergent genres, the episode connects styles that are often dealt with as separate entities, bringing them together in a single history, and allowing listeners to grasp the deep cultural story that connects them all. As far as we can tell, it's the first work to tell this entire history in a single package. In a lot of ways, we made it because we couldn't find something that could tell us the story we wanted to hear!

The show features legendary musicians like Shut Up and Dance, DJ Brockie, Streema, D Double E, John Kennedy (of Big Apple Records), MC Navigator, Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown, Eastman (founder of Kool FM), Crazy D, and Grandmixxer, and was produced with help from Simon Reynolds, the author of Energy Flash, Retromania, and Rip It Up And Start Again, Jay Cush, the head of the Lit City Trax record label, and Dan Hancox, a music journalist and author who's written for the Guardian, Red Bull Music Academy, and Fader.

You can listen to Roots and Future here ==> "
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