Roni Size... Tali... Dynamite and Killa Kela - 5HQ this Saturday 16th October!


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Warming up for Formfest this Saturday night, 5HQ are host to Roni Size... Tali... Dynamite and Killa Kela, instore from 4pm onwards!

Your chance to get signed copies of Return to V on V Recordings... get chatting to Dynamite and Tali... see a live performance from Killa Kela... meet DJ SS and get your signed copy of the S-FILES... drop your demos in and warm up for FORMFEST!!!

You can also get your FORMFEST tickets from 5HQ and a copy of the debut album from DJ SS... THE S-FILES... see you there! :gpeace:
5HQ, 38 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FB
0116 262 7475