Roni Size - Snapshot 3 / sorry for you (full cycle)


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Jan 30, 2002
I really liked this pair of tracks, snapshot 3 is a sure fire winner and goes for a very different vibe to the previous 2 mixes of this tune.
Roni takes it back to the oldskool in the breaks area with a nice apache beat on top of a stinging bassline and deep atmospherics. There are quite a few change ups and I'm glad to hear him not milking the original snapshot bassline. I really like the drop where it goes to an acoustic bass sound, the first time i heard that I wasn't expecting it at all, kinda takes me back to the deep style of the early full cycle material.

Sorry for you also take me way back, and though the breaks are very modern and clean the melody is deep and soulful and the bass is very delicate. I'd not play this in a club but snapshot 3 provides the dancefloor appeal so this b side goes for the opposite style and is great for home listening, though it is quite repetative.

A top buy!
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