[Romania] 3.08/5.08 Subsonic - dnb, dub and dubstep festival@Paulesti forest

Ginger Group, through Yazee event promoting platform, and Animal Entartainment will hold, on August 3-5, the first edition of Subsonic Festival, the first Romanian festival dedicated exclusively to the bass culture.

SUBSONIC will host two stages and over 60 hours of music sustained by more than 30 foreign artists.

One of the stages will be powered by an authentic hand-built soundsystem from Italy, with a power of over 13.000 watts.

We have created a bass culture dedicated festival not only because of its ability to make the people move regardless of the tempo, and not only because it contains the strongest and most influential musical genres of our times. We have created a bass culture festival because it represents the essence of what we understand by music and culture - a mix, a permantent exchange of layers, a mixture of activism, freedom of speech, solidarity and social values.

Bass-oriented musical genres promote messages of unity and the fight for human natural rights, which concur with the definition of a music festival, where any differences of race, religion, age, gender or social class are blown away through the intervention of music.

With SUBSONIC we are trying to promote a musical enviroment accesible to an audience as diverse and large as possible.

At SUBSONIC the music produces energy and people talk about diversity.

Subsonic is an event developed and produced by Yazee (Ginger Group) and Animal Entertainment.

Dub Phizix | UK | Drum and Bass
Skeptical | UK | Drum and Bass
Dubkasm | UK | Reggae, Dub
Solo Banton | UK | Reggae, Dub
Tetra Hydro K | Franța | Steppa Dub, Jungle
Tiburk Sound | Franța | Electro Dub, Dubstep
V.I.V.E.K. |UK – Drum and Bass, Dub
Rockwell | UK | Drum and Bass | DJ Set
SpectraSoul UK | Drum & Bass | DJ Set
Dub Pets (Belgia) | Dubstep | DJ Set
U.Stone (Franta) | DUB, Dubstep, Drum & Bass | Live Machine
Weeding Dub (Franta) | DUB | Live
SHAPESHIFTER (New Zealand – Heavy soul, Drum and Bass)
Dawa HiFi (France – Dub)
Iration Steppas (UK – Dub, Steppa)
O.B.F. ( France – Dub)
Panda Dub (Franța – Electro Dub)
RSD (UK – Dub)
SOOM T (UK – Reggae, Dub)
Vibration Lab (UK – Future Reggae/Dub/Dubstep)

If ”Hell is full of musical amateurs” (George Bernard Shaw), then Subsonic must be the Paradise.

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