Rolling Deep Dark Mix (BC, Fierce, dBridge, Siren etc)


Impact (Engage Audio)
Aug 15, 2009
1 Hour mix i recorded for my Girlfriends Sister whos just starting to love DNB
Recorded it Live, Just went with it and it came out fine
Kasra sorta gave me the idea and i am playing out now so thought fuck it
Any Feedback would be wicked!! Especially now Im playing out...

Hope you Enjoy


Phace, Rockwell - NO!
>> Siren - Snorkel
Fierce, dBridge - Exhale
Bad Company - Planet Dust
Fierce, Siren - Throw Light
Dub Phizix - The Editor
Survival - Ever Clear
Spectrasoul - Mimic
Kasra, S.P.Y - Surface
Khanage, Alix Perez - XX Shelter Remix
Alix Perez - Crooklyn
Data - Compassion
Technicolour, Komatic - Changeling
Alix Perez - Myriads
Foreign Concept - Possessive
Siren - Broken Silence
Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix)
8 Bits - So Good
Skeptical - Blue Eyes
Dub Phizix - Marka
Commix - Belleview (dBridge Remix)
Bcee - Captured in Time
Technicolour - Sway
Commix - Emileys Smile

Download Link
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Hey mate, got your message will have a listen now and feedback for you later tonight or tomorrow! ;)

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Mate, this is a very good mix! love the vibe, tight mixing and wicked tune selection.. Bang on mate
This is fucking sick!!!!!!! Beautiful mix DJ Impact! Hopefully will get to see another one of your sets in Birmingham soon!
Just had a skim through as I don't come on here often and I wanted to leave some feedback.

Its pretty tight throughout, noticed a few slips but nothing major. There are just as many in everyones mixes.

I'm not sure if it was the EQing or sound quality but it was a little dull at times.

The intro was nice, I've done that mix before ;). Would have been good if you could let it roll out a bit longer though?
Mimic - Surface >>> I Like
Shelter Remix - BIG!! Nice mix as well... Not the easiest mix either
Myriads >>> Possessive was awsomington rolllllllllllllllllllllllll

Broken Silence >>> Cold one remix..... Very nice.

Overall I'd say this is a decent mix man, I though it could be a bit better structurally but its decent
thanks for listening bro
did this mix live, without making a TL prior or recording many times till its perfect so i agree with you there are bits i would of changed had i decided to re-record it and agree with the sound quality not quite being 100%.. think it may be my audio interface i need to check

Could i ask what you mean by structurally?

Big ups for listening man.. Glad you enjoyed it!
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This looks like it's going to be big. Great looking tracklist. Shall give it a whirl.
So I was a big fan of this mix, man. Very impressive for your first (at least, that I've heard) mix, and I am really happy with the mood you kept with this one. Intro was fire and stood out since the tunes were massive. Anything with the Editor is amazing, and I definitely heard a great mix with it here. My only concern is that there seem to be a key clash here and there every now and again but overall the sound was pretty decent. Also not sure if Marka -> Belleview remix was the best idea, but I could be wrong. I'll have to give it more listens.

All in all, cheers to you, bruv!
ok. as usual I have a listen and forget to feedback :/ apologies...
got your message and thought its high time to leave my thoughts

fav parts
Spectrasoul - Mimic
Kasra, S.P.Y - Surface
Khanage, Alix Perez - XX Shelter Remix
Alix Perez - Crooklyn


Alix Perez - Myriads
Foreign Concept - Possessive
Siren - Broken Silence
Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix)

all the above was headnodding business.

Reference the above comments about structuring your mixes, I think what is meant by that is trying to create a good flow that doesn't lose any energy if you know what I mean? So for example the Marka >> Belleview remix just didnt sit right for me, Marka really needs something more subtle to sit right in the mix, I used to use Hot Hands by Marcus Intalex to change up the bass on Marka but leave the half time beat...

few slips and slides along the way, nothing that wasn't corrected quickly so big ups. Are you on CD's or vinyl?

Definitely try and think about keeping a good flow for your next mix, some of this mix is really really good, but the tendency was for it to be in 4 tune spurts.

Will be undoubtedly on the look out for your next installment Alex. big ups once again pal :2thumbs:
downloading. i really like the tracklist, i'm sure i like the mix as well

listening to it...siiiick :)
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@ Stusmith

Thanks alot of the feedback bro! your favourite parts were mine as well which is interesting :)
Your the second person to say that about marka, i guess your were right they dont sit that well.. much prefer the mix before with blue eyes.
i think by doing this mix live, i drew for various selections of mixes i knew were good but didnt actually link them together that well. Something i gotta work on
Next mix im definatley going to spent alot of time writing up a tracklist and shit

p.s im also on 2 numark ndx200s and an allen and heath zone 22. student loan next month ans the 1210'a are coming :D

Once again tho safe bro... massive big ups

@fuuz3r safe for listening mate you got any feedback> big ups
why didn't you let the emilys smile play to the end? i mean if you gf-s sisters name is emily and it was her birthday and the mix was dedicated to her :)
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