Roll up roll up and help me in my epic quest for the impossible!

The Duppy

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Right, I have (on and off) been after this tune for about 11 years now. I heard it on an old Kiss FM session that I had on tape but the beginning of the tune was never on there so I never caught the name. Coz most of my mates were all about the Bukem at the time there were fairly useless at helping me find anything that wasn't buried in strings and double basses.

This tape has disappeared, and with it one of the best tunes I ever heard on those shows

I have been through all the Kiss show tracklistings that are up around the place but the show in question doesn't appear to be among them.

The main defining sample I can remember is of a woman half-singing singing the words "Get awaaaay".
Rider went on for a few minutes about how it was a dirty little stepper that got dropped nuff over the weekend just before the show. So, unsurprisingly, the tune is a low-key, dirty, little stepper. Quite a laid back number if my rapidly fading memory serves me right.

To narrow it down I was living in London and listening to Kiss FM 95-97 and I know it was a show that both Fabio & Grooverider were on.

Now, with the power of the interweb at my disposal, I am on an epic mish to track down this tune.

Had a great result on this site before so I am throwing myself at your mercies again.

Cheers in advance for any help.