Roll Off -New Track


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Right, I finally got your track from Mesh and had a listen.

I like the track. The components work well together and it flows through nicely. I think that the orchestral parts are a tiny bit out of key, but I like that as it gives the track a druggy kinda of feel and complements the bassline in a strage kinda way.

However I think that some part are still a little rough, like the pads in the intro could use some subtle filtering and some reverb to take the sharpness out of it. I like the break but feel that it needs some high freqs added, because it sounds a little muddy beneath the bassline.

The main thing that I noticed was that the track was a little sparce. I think some more stabs, bleeps, etc kinda of fx are needed to make the track stand out more and reinforce the key components of the tune.

Hope this is of help (y)