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the mini brute is quite a tasty little synth, so is the micro brute, considering their size and price they are both pretty awesome, played with them both and was quite impressed; that kind of synthesis adds to much to the work flow for my style of production, you have to bounce everything down, cant save presets so you have to do everything from scratch every time...but that's true of allot of synths, esp analog ones

best bet is to go and try some out, find a pro-audio store and spend a few hours playing with them all, see which ones you like (theres not many stores about any more tbh, digital village in SE London is one option (not sure if you can play them, give em a call first), and Harrods aswell used to have a decent pro-audio section where you could play with synths)

also check youtube, there are loads of reviews and demos on there...the PR ones are good for seeing what they can do, but also check the independent reviews for a real review and less of a sales pitch...but nothing beats trying them out for yourself really

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Mini Brute is awsome i dont use it enough as my workflow is different from Miszt, still an amazing sound and simple to get to grips with IMO... I like the look of that roland though