The EF-303 is a stand alone effects processor that has been designed to allow DJ's/Producers to take their performance to another level via use of an innovative series of effects.

Eleven of these effects can be synchronised to BPM and a turntable can be plugged into the unit directly, allowing for easy integration into a DJ set. This, combined with a BPM counter, as well as a MIDI Start/Stop function, means that you can drive a MIDI compatible sequencer or Groovebox quite easily, allowing you to use your own material as part of the performance.

A 16-part step modulator, complete with 16 memories, allows construction of complex motion effect sequences that just aren't possible using conventional methods such as knob tweaking. A monophonic synthesiser is included, controlled via the step modulator, providing the opportunity to write your own basslines in time with the records on the decks.

The Grab switch from the DJ-2000/1000/MC-307 has been included to allow the introduction of effects rhythmically in time with the music.

he EF-303 makes celebrated Roland effects processing available to DJs, remixers, and all musicians. Simple realtime controls and groove-oriented algorithms include sixteen synchronizable effects, a built-in DSP monosynth with step modulator, and extensive MIDI capabilities. Controls include 4 control knobs, sixteen sliders, grab switch, automatic BPM counter, and MIDI start/stop. Sixteen patch memories store effects settings and modulator patterns. Accommodates a variety of input sources. An overall DJ-friendly design.