Rocks & Sand - "Time Flies" [My first track]

hey mate, glad to see someone from SA, i'm living in Argentina atm and i'm starting to wondering if anyone has ever heard of dnb in my city haha.

First and most important thing I have to say : this is good for a first track. Also cheers for finishing and sharing it, for me it was the most important steps to start to actually learn : finish the tracks i start and open myself to criticism.

Now for the feedback, i'll try to keep it short :

-Intro is ok but it gets boring quickly.
-The sub is too loud / overwhelming the kick a lot. To fix this you have several options (non-exhaustive list) : 1) EQing the sub and the kick correctly (read all this article it will help you a lot). 2) Use sidechain compression (search youtube tutorials or articles about it if you dont know what it is) 3) Layer a kick with nice high end frequencies and EQ the bass out of it on top of your main kick.
- Snare lacks of punch and clearness (layer more snares or EQ it etc)
- Overall from the drop to 2:30 its kinda boring, i think the elements coming in at 2:30 should come sooner and progressively.

thats all that i can tell at the moment.. my ears are pretty tired just spent the evening on Logic so i'll check it tomorrow see if I come up with something else.

Keep at it you're on the right track !

edit : you seem pretty fluent in english so i posted in english.. if you're more comfortable to talk in spanish you can mp me about anything if you want.